End of Cycle Reports

End of Cycle Reports are sent to all current participants at the end of each cycle and provide laboratories with a complete summary of their EQA performance. Performance is also compared to that of the previous cycle providing an indication of progress and improvement over time.

Data is presented in both written and graphical format allowing a visual assessment of overall performance.

One Page per Parameter Cycle Summary

One page per parameter cycle summaryClick to ExpandThe parameter summary report provides a summary of the laboratories results and performance statistics for each sample in the cycle as well as overall cycle performance. Absolute Values have been introduced for the Standard Deviation Index (SDIs) and the % Deviation presenting an overall indication of accuracy. The parameter summary is divided into two main sections:

Text Section

Text SectionClick to ExpandThe text section provides a summary of the laboratory's results and statistics including Mean for Comparison, SDPA, %CV, Uncertainty, SDI, Target Score and % Deviation. An additional table comparing performance for the current cycle to the previous cycle is also provided.

Chart Section

Chart SectionClick to ExpandThe laboratory's performance is summarised in various charts including Levey-Jennings, Target Score, % Deviation by sample and % Deviation by Concentration.

Cycle Average Absolute SDI Summary

Cycle Average Absolute SDI SummaryClick to ExpandThe absolute SDI summary report compares current performance for all parameters to the previous cycle and indicates whether performance is better or worse. Performance is compared to other RIQAS participants in your country and worldwide.

Certificate of Performance

Certificate of PerformanceClick to ExpandA certificate of performance is provided listing all parameters, for which the laboratory achieved an acceptable level of performance (Average Absolute SDI <2). Although the End of Cycle Report is issued for registered parameters, the certificate of performance will only be available for parameters where results for at least 50% of samples in the cycle have been returned.

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