Key Features and Benefits of RIQAS EQA

RIQAS is the largest international EQA / Proficiency Testing scheme in the world delivering a number of cost effective benefits to the clinical laboratory.

  • Largest Global EQA Scheme

    RIQAS currently has over 45,000 laboratories in 124 countries worldwide This high level of participation ensures a wide range of methods and instruments are covered directly increasing statistical validity as a result.

  • Highest Quality Material

    All samples are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and designed to mimic the performance of a patient sample. Samples for use with immunology/immunoassay based methods are manufactured from 100% human materials eliminating issues with antibody cross reactivity.

  • Globally Accredited

    RIQAS programmes and services are accredited to ISO/IEC 17043:2010 providing participants with added confidence.

  • Extensive programme menu covering a wide spectrum of laboratory testing

    Our wide range of multi-analyte programmes allow laboratories to significantly reduce the number of programmes required thus increasing productivity and efficiency. Our routine chemistry programme contains commonly run thyroid hormones and PSA in addition to routine chemistries meaning it can be used by small laboratories to cover their full test menu.

  • User friendly reports

    RIQAS reports are designed to be user friendly and easy to interpret. Reports are available within 1-3 days of the final reporting deadline allowing any corrective actions to be taken prior to the analysis of subsequent samples. Multi-instrument reports allow the performance of all systems in the laboratory to be assessed while inter-laboratory group reports allow comparison of multiple connected laboratories. A new end of cycle report is also available providing a complete summary of EQA results and statistics over the duration of the cycle.

  • Flexibility and choice

    Thirty-two comprehensive programmes are on offer with reduced parameter and reporting options available for selected programmes. This not only enables greater flexibility but ensures suitability for laboratories of all sizes and budgets.

  • Cost effective

    Laboratories can register up to five instruments per programme at no extra cost and receive a complimentary multi-instrument report. In addition to this participation in pilot studies is free of charge to existing participants. A free inter-laboratory report is also available on request to laboratory groups and chains.

  • Electronic data entry

    Using RIQAS.Net participants can conveniently and confidentially submit their results online. In addition to this RIQAS.Net provides quick and easy access to reports.

  • Certificates of participation

    Certificates of participation are provided at the end of each cycle providing more than 50% of results have been submitted. The certificates provide evidence of participation in a reputable EQA scheme and are often required for regulatory purposes.

  • End of Cycle Reports

    End of Cycle Reports are sent to all current participants at the end of each cycle and provide laboratories with a complete summary of their EQA performance. Performance is also compared to that of the previous cycle providing an indication of progress and improvement over time.

  • Certificates of Performance

    A certificate of performance is provided along with the end of cycle report listing all parameters, for which the laboratory achieved an acceptable level of performance (Average Absolute SDI <2).

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