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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register with RIQAS?

    First you must register your laboratory by completing a copy of the method questionnaire and enrolment document for the programmes you wish to participate in. The enrolment document should be returned to RIQAS before the start of the cycle. These documents can be easily downloaded from the RIQAS website. Simply click on the programme of interest and download the relevant documentation.

  2. What if my current method is not listed?

    Use the method questionnaire to help you complete the registration of methods section on the enrolment document. If a code is not available for your method/assay please state the details of your method clearly in the appropriate section at the end of the enrolment document.

  3. How do I know when to submit results?

    Each RIQAS pack will contain a multi-lingual product insert containing instructions for use. The product insert also highlights the recommended date of analysis and more importantly the final date by which the results must reach Randox. The final date for submission of results can also be found on the RIQAS calendar. All results should reach RIQAS before 5pm GMT on the final date.

  4. I have found a transcription error on my report. Can I submit the revised the result?

    Participants are permitted to submit corrected results up to 4 weeks after the final date of the sample. Although a new report will not be issued, results can be viewed on the charts of subsequent reports, showing “C” in place of the sample number. If a result is corrected and resubmitted to RIQAS before the final date for the current sample, it will be entered as a current result.

  5. When will I receive my RIQAS report?

    RIQAS reports are usually sent via email within 3 days of the final submission date. Serology reports are usually sent via email within 7-10 days of the final submission date.

  6. What is the summary csv file?

    Laboratories can register to receive a csv file containing a summary of their routine report statistics and performance indicators. The file mirrors the information found on the report summary page but will also include the calculated SD and SDPA. The csv file can be sent to the same three email addresses registered to receive reports. If you wish to receive a summary csv file please indicate this by ticking the box on the enrolment document and include the email addresses to which the reports should be sent.

  7. Can I register more than one instrument?

    All participating laboratories can register up to five instruments at no extra cost. To register multiple instruments a separate enrolment document must be completed for each instrument.

    Samples will be received and analysed as normal however results for each instrument are submitted separately and a separate report generated. A complimentary instrument group report is provided from which comparative performance of each instrument can be assessed. Many of the statistical features of this report are identical to those presented on the individual laboratory reports.

  8. How does the group reporting facility work?

    The group reporting facility is used by laboratory groups to monitor satellite sites. These can be different laboratories within the same hospital or group. All laboratories within the group receive their packs, run the RIQAS samples and get an individual report as usual. The difference is an additional group report is sent to the group manager exclusively allowing relative performance of all the laboratories to be assessed.

  9. How do I notify a change of method if the cycle is already underway?

    It is possible to change your units, method, instrument or reagent classification during a cycle. For participants using RIQAS.Net changes can be made in the method changes section of the data entry menu. Each RIQAS return sheet also has a section for method changes.

  10. How do I add extra parameters to my registration?

    Extra parameters can be added to a registration via RIQAS.Net using the method changes section on the data entry menu. A list of your registered laboratory reference numbers will appear on screen. Select the laboratory reference number for which you would like to add the assay details and select ‘Add Parameter'. A list of parameters you are not registered for will appear. Select the parameters you wish to add and complete the assay details. Parameters cannot be deleted on RIQAS.Net. If you wish to delete a parameter please contact RIQAS directly on mail@riqas.com.

  11. Will I receive a certification of participation?

    A complimentary certificate of participation for each RIQAS programme is available to participants at the end of each cycle, provided at least 50% of results have been returned. The certificate will specify the cycle number, programme name and the LABORATORY / HOSPITAL NAME specified in the enrolment document.

  12. Can you offer technical support and advice?

    Unrivalled technical support is available through our team of RIQAS scientists and experts who are on hand to help you with technical issues relating to our RIQAS programmes or external quality assessment in general.

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