RIQAS Roadshows and User Meetings

RIQAS has regular user meetings throughout the year in various international countries. These meetings are aimed at existing RIQAS participants and are designed to provide attendees with an update on new developments within RIQAS and, of course, the field of External Quality Assessment (EQA). Previous meeting have been extremely beneficial for RIQAS participants and previous topics have included report, chart and result interpretation, ISO/IEC standards, uncertainty of measurements and shifts in using human based material rather than fully human.

In addition to user meetings, we also conduct educational seminars and road shows. These events are attended by our team of expert RIQAS scientists and are aimed to both non participants and existing RIQAS users. The main focus is educating attendees on the importance of EQA as part of a complete quality package including third party quality controls and QC data management. The road show format is particularly popular allowing us to visit as many cities as possible over a period of 1-2 weeks. Educational events have been held previously in several countries including Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, and UAE.

2017 User Meetings





Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre

London, England


The Studio

Birmingham, England


DoubleTree Hilton

Edinburgh, Scotland


Crowne Plaza Manchester City Centre

Manchester, England

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