Specific Protein EQA

Specific Protein External Quality Assessment

The RIQAS Specific Protein EQA programme is designed to monitor the performance of up to 26 serum proteins and immunology parameters including CRP, ASO, RF, Complement Proteins and Immunoglobulins. Three flexible size options are available to help reduce waste and costs.

  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17043:2010
  • Liquid ready-to-use
  • 100% human serum
  • Submit results and view reports online via RIQAS.Net
  • Register up to five instruments at no extra cost
Downloads Enrolment Document Method Questionnaire Instrument & Reagent Codes
  Cat.No.1 Cat.No.2 Cat.No.3 Cat.No.4
Cat.No. RQ9114 (3ml) RQ9160 (2ml) RQ9161 (1ml) -
  26 parameters (3ml) 26 parameters (2ml) 26 parameters (1ml) -
Kit Size 3ml / 2ml / 1ml
Frequency Bi-weekly (2 x 6 monthly cycles) Cycle Start March / Sept
Parameters AFP Albumin Alpha-1-acid glycoprotein
  Alpha-1-antitrypsin Alpha-2-macroglobulin Anti Streptolysin O
  Antithrombin III Beta-2-microglobulin Ceruloplasmin
  Complement, C3
Complement, C4 C-Reactive Protein
  Ferritin Haptoglobin Immunoglobulin A
  Immunoglobulin E Immunoglobulin G Immunoglobulin M
  Free Kappa Light Chain Total Kappa Light Chain Free Lambda Light Chain
  Total Lambda Light Chain Prealbumin (Transthyretin) Retinol Binding Protein
  Rheumatoid Factor Transferrin  

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